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Quality, Durability

Here at Dreissig Athletic and Dreissig Lady we aim to provide our family of customers with quality garments.  We want to outfit you with clothes and the overall feel that You are Special.  We always ask our manufacturers to adhere to the highest standards when choosing their fabrics. Our manufacturers love what they do. You will see their attention to detail up to the very last stitch.

DA LADY has the custom made, power performance line that moves with you.  It’s all in the details.  You can go to any store and get a new T-Shirt or “Yoga Pants.”  The Dreissig Lady High Performance Tee and Bamboo Tee are not just “any” TEE.   They let you and your skin breathe.   When you are going from appointments and running errands all day, you can go in a functional style.

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